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PIO-80Plancha-365 Firebowl with Fireplate

Some shapes are just perfect. This is definitely true for these gently curved and wide-spreading fire bowls on their high, straight-sided pedestals. With either 80 or 100 centimeters diameter, the bowls impress even by their size. And when it gets dark, Pio enchants every garden with a magical firelight.

The bowls and their podiums are made of thick-walled Corten steel. Their precious rust patina makes them more and more beautiful day by day.

Plancha Ring - The Spanish-born Plancha Grill is an iron plate. The Pio Plancha is a grill plate made of 10 mm carbon steel. Eat healthy by preparing meat, fish or vegetables on the plancha. The food has no direct connection to the heat source -Your food is non-smoking. If your fireplate reaches a temperature of 300-350 ° C, no extra oil or grease is needed.

Dimensions FireBowl: Ø 80 cm

Dimensions Podium: 80x40x40cm

Total height: 102 cm

Weight : 73 kg

Material thickness : 3mm cortén steel

Fireplate thickness : 10mm carbon steel